Saturday, 14 June 2014

May Round Up

Hi guys, yes we are still alive & travelling, we just haven't had internet or phone reception since leaving Broome. We have been half way along the Gibb River Road & have done Mitchell Falls & are now at Kulumburu. We have managed to get some internet reception here at McGowans Island were we are staying, but it is limited, so I have only got a couple of posts up, we will get the rest to you as soon as we can. We are having an amazing time & it's all going well at this stage. Below is the May round up for you, a bit late sorry !!

May Round Up

On the 1st of May we were at Dales Campground at Karijini National Park , on the 31st of May 2014 we were at Silent Grove National Park Bells Gorge. 

Total kilometres travelled 3041.1km. 

Total diesel bought 547.92L, total cost $975.37, dearest diesel $1.899 at Derby, cheapest diesel $1.709 at Newman & Port Hedland.  

Average fuel economy 18L/100km.

Camping. Camped 31 days in May. 4 free camp nights, 27 paid.  Total cost $809, average of $29.96 per night for paid camping, average cost over the month per night $26.09. Dearest camp fees $41 at 80 Mile Beach. 

Best campsite - Pardoo station & Silent Grove

Worst campsite - Indee Station & Karijini campsite

Best experiences - Karijini, fishing the WA coast, gorges, Malcolm Douglas Croc Farm

Worst experiences - Craziness at De Grey River, Indee station in general, backpackers in Broome. 

Best camp cooked meal - Chilli mud crabs, roast beef & veggies in the Furphy camp oven, 

Best bought meal - lunches at Roebuck Bay Hotel & Divers Tavern in Broome

Quotes of the month

We have had heard some cracker comments from our fellow travellers, so we have decided to bring you "Quotes of the month" to share the craziness

In a British accent "a f@cking dingo nearly bit me hand"

An Aussie football team on a group bonding session walking into Kermits Pool at Karijini "I am going to have three kids, two boys & a girl, I am gunna call one boy Kokoda & the girl Karijini, it will be like get here Kokoda & Karijini you too Harry"

An Australian grey nomad who should no better "I punched the bull in the face" referring to the cattle coming into camp at De Grey river, I very much doubt it was a bull as we didn't see any bulls, but it would of been a Brahman cow, stupid bastard.

We overheard a conversation between an Australian grey nomad and a British female backpacker in regards to snakes. The Aussie lady was telling her snakes are protected and you can't kill them, the backpacker replied with "we went to a cattle farm station stay & they kill the snakes, I think the snakes get the cattle or something". 

Things we are missing
Our dogs Milly & Robbo (they would of loved it), our gorgeous niece Isabelle (Happy 1st Brithday!), family, friends, our ensuite, lounge, fresh salads, an oven, unlimited fast WiFi,

Things we are not missing 
Work, TV (May be the sport for Mat!), real coffee, stubbies (we have even embraced WA can beer), steel cap boots, jeans, cities

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