Friday, 24 October 2014

Horrocks Beach

We left Murchison House Station at 8am on the 16th of October & stopped in at Kalbarri for a loaf of bread & continued South. There were a few options but we decided to have a look at Horrocks Beach on the coast west of Northampton. It is a quiet little fishing village that only really has a caravan park, general store & a mixture of really old fishing shacks & really new flash houses, seemingly divided halfway along the beach from old to new. Built right on the water it has the classic white beach & blue waters we have been seeing, but lots of seaweed. 

The caravan park was just back from the water & was old, but old isn't always bad as it had amazing established trees for shade. The toilet blocks were old, but clean & the park looked pretty quiet. We decided to give it a go. We stayed for 2 nights, the cost was $33 a night, but for some reason after we had left we discovered they had only charged us for 1 night on our card, so it was a pretty cheap stay. 

We set up camp in a block of 6 campsites with no other neighbours, by the afternoon another 2 camps had come in, but they spread us out & it was really nice & quiet. We spent the afternoon exploring the beach & the jetty. The jetty looked like it would be good for a night fish so we decided to go back down that night. We watched the sunset over the water & headed down towards the jetty only to find it packed full of people, there was no way we could fit as well, so we chucked the fishing lines in on the beach, but there was just to much seaweed, so we gave up & headed back to camp. 

The next day was spent at the beach, exploring & having a look around, which didn't take long as it is really a tiny place. If you are after a quiet fishing village then this is the place for you. It has one of the best foreshore developments we have seen, with great picnic tables, BBQs, playgrounds, toilets & the jetty itself. Great for a couple of days. 

That afternoon as we came back to camp we hads been surrounded by a couple of families in tents with loads of young kids, a young couple in camper trailer & a huge caravan. Let's just say that night wasn't as enjoyable as the one before. We had great pleasure in saying how we were going to get up early the next day & pack up very loudly!! But the next day we were up at 5.30am but so were the kids & they were using their new walkie talkies one of them had got for their birthday. I am all for kids working out how to use things themselves, but some parental instruction would of been helpful, as it seems the only way the walkie talkies would work is if you stand close enough to the other person & yell as loud as you can so they can hear you! 

We are glad we hadn't decided to stay for the weekend, so it was with pleasure as we drove out of that park waving happily to the kiddies & giving our commiserations to the other campers staying. Horrocks beach was a lovely little find. Great for a night or two. 

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