Sunday, 1 February 2015

January Round Up

January Round Up

On the 1st of January we were at Moorook Game Reserve on the Murray River SA on the 31st of January 2015 we were at Pardalote Camp on the Wellington River near Licola VIC. 

Total kilometres travelled 3494km for the month. 

Total diesel bought 501.1L total cost $644.56 dearest diesel $1.32 at Loxton cheapest diesel $1.23 at Shepparton. 

Camping. Camped 26 nights in January, 5 nights at Bordertown. 17 free camp nights, 9 paid. Total cost $184 average of $20.44 per night for paid camping, or $7.07 per camped night (26). Cheapest camp $10 a night for 2 people at Murray River at Moorook & Murray River at Mannum & Dearest camp fees $35 at Murray Bridge. 

Best campsite - Bruce's Beach, Moorook, Howqua River Noonans Flat. 

Worst campsite - Murray Bridge

Best experiences - All of the Murray River, the start of the high country including Craig's Hut & Lake Elidon. Exploring SA & VIC, some amazing free camps. Being on the summit of Mt Skene freezing cold & surrounded by fog & rain at 1570m above sea level. Getting surrounded by wild King Parrots as we left camp on the Howqua River in the high country. Using the fire again & cooking up some amazing food. Warm enough weather to enjoy swimming in the Murray River repeatedly. Mat catching a beautiful Murray Cod.  

Worst experiences - Crowds over the Australia Day long weekend. Crappy weather at the Coorong. Kids trying to steal stuff from camp in the middle of the night in the high country, repeatedly & the no sleep that night. 

Best camp cooked meal - Roast Pork, Jam Drops, Potato Bake, Rack of Lamb, camp oven pizza, scones, fruit bread. 

Best bought meal - lunch at Glenrowan pub, lunch at Loxton overlooking the Murray River. 

Things we are missing
Our dogs Milly & Robbo, the family, time (time is slipping away to fast). 

Things we are not missing
Work, work, work (we will have to be back soon, NO!)

How can January be over, it's not possible. We have had a fantastic month. We have seen so many new places & had some of the best free camping & weather for the whole trip. We have only just begun in the high country & it's fantastic. The Murray River everywhere was great. So much more to bring you on the blog before we are finished, just got to write it all up. Time please slow down!!!!

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