Sunday, 5 January 2014

About Us

Well firstly we have to start off by saying that we love Australia, what a great country it is.  To be going on an adventure like ours is a dream come true, we want to explore everything it has to offer.

We decided to call our blog Red Dirt Roaming.  It took us a while to agree upon a name that suited us, but we feel it encompasses everything we are looking to achieve in the next 12 months.

Red dirt is one of the icons of Australia, an image we all come too, when thinking about our vast land and the outback.  It is also where the most exciting adventures happen, especially if you have the ability to get off road!  There is nothing like the sense of freedom that comes when your turn onto a red dirt road and the excitement of thinking about what lies around the next corner.

Roaming is a word that describes how we would like to feel in our lives right now.  According to the dictionary it means "move about or travel aimlessly or unsystematically, especially over a wide area"  it is exactly how we see our trip unfolding, no real plans, just having the freedom to explore as we please.

So a little background of how we got to this places in our lives, that were are ready for our adventure.

We have been together for 13 years, met at boarding school, both went off to University in Brisbane, and then got married in 2008. Mat is 30 and is an environmental engineer, who has worked in the coal mines managing the environment since leaving Uni.  Jess is 29 and grew up on a farm and is an agricultural scientist, who has also been working in the mines in training.

We both have a strong love of the land and enjoy the peace and tranquillity it can provide and have been avid travellers in Australia.  We have done many 1-4 week shorter trips including, Cape York, Tasmania, Simpson Desert, Fraser Island and countless long weekenders throughout a lot of QLD, we have also both travelled a lot as children with our families growing up. 

About 12 months ago we decided that it was time to do a longer trip, and decided to jump right in and take a whole year off work and really see some of the country.  We have been saving our money and making plans ever since.  We will entail to bring you some of the details of all that planning and work in the next 2 months before we leave.  We still have a decent amount to do, but it is starting to get very exciting, the day we leave is getting much closer!

The very large map of Australia in our house that has provided much inspiriation over a few beers in the planning of our trip.

As you will see in our future posts our camping style is a little different to some people. We are all about self sufficiency.  Ideally, we prefer remote, secluded campsites, away from the crowds and are more than happy to go without power and creature comforts.  We know this will be hard to achieve in certain areas of WA, but we hope to bring you some adventures from some of the less well known parts of WA.

We would love for you to join us on our travels, through this blog and welcome any comments to our page.  Our next posts, will look at our 4WD set up and then onto our camper trailer set up.

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