Thursday, 3 April 2014

Streaky Bay South Australia

Streaky Bay is a lovely little seaside town. It was a great place to visit, and has all of the facilities and shops you could need. We ended up staying in the caravan park, it was the races weekend, so it was really busy and we got the last site. We decided to stay for 3 nights.  We could see why it was so popular as a tourist and family holiday destination, it was just beautiful and with great facilities.

It was acually the parts around Streaky Bay itself that really took our breath away.  On race day we decided to spend the day looking around, and there were a few tracks marked on the map that looked interesting, including a place that said you could see Sealions, we were in.

We headed South from Streaky Bay to a place called Sceale Bay, on the way we stopped at a lookout at Surfers Beach, it was magnificent blue waters with the whitest sand. If we were in QLD this section of coast line would be lined with high rise buildings!  After taking in the scenery and taking a few photos we kept on heading to Sceale Bay, unaware we had only just started seeing so many beautiful coastal settings for the day.  Sceale Bay was a quiet little fishing village, with a few holiday houses, great for those wanting to get away from it all.

Surfers Beach

We continued South to Point Labatt, enjoying the scenery and finally made it to the end of the road on top of a large cliff, the views were stunning and we could see a viewing platform to walk out on. As we set out, I said to Mat, I bet we dont get to see any Sealions! But for a change our luck turned out and as we looked down into the beautiful red rocks and azure water below we saw lots of Sealions! Most were just sleeping, but some stretched in the sun, some swam and one huge male annoyed the heck out of a female and then busted his way through a group of sleeping Sealions, quite an entrance!  We stayed for over an hour watching and taking photos.  We even had the whole place to ourselves, it was magic.

In the end we had to make ourselves leave and we headed back towards Streaky Bay and did a ring road on the way back called Westall Way out to Point Westall. Again there was so much to see and we stopped to take photos so many times and had lunch after a big walk down to the beach, again we were the only ones at each stop we did. There was so much to see including the Granites,Tractor Beach, Speed Point and many more.

It was a great day out and when we got back to Streaky Bay we decided a beer at the pub right on the  beach was in order. The next day we went down to the jetty for a fish,the water was so clear, could literally see the fish and heaps of huge stingrays cruising the bay. The also had a swimming enclosure on the jetty, which we thought was a great idea, not that we got in though.  Mat caught a few small fish
 and then right at the end caught an Australian Salmon that was big enough for our dinner, which was lovely.  We had the most amazing weather in Streaky Bay. It was then time to head back to camp and start packing up, ready to say good bye to Streaky Bay and heading off to Cactus beach the next day.

Streaky Bay jetty. The swimming enclosure is on the left.

Looking back from the jetty to the caravan park

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