Friday, 28 March 2014

We finally made it to our official starting point!! Port Augusta SA

So we finally made it to our official starting point Port Augusta this morning. Yesterday we made our way from Bordertown through some of the Barossa Valley, through the Clare Valley, up to Port Perie where we picked up some awesome seafood & then into Mt Remarkable last night. What a shock to the system. Parks SA want $10 vehicle access & $18 camping fees per night. Crazy for a national park. It did have showers & toilets, but still! So we set up a quick camp & had a cheese & nibbles dinner with a lovely bottle of wine (Mat even let us stop at a winery!) to celebrate our first official night. 

We then made a hasty exit the next morning & reached Port Augusta our official starting point.  After a couple of mandatory photos, filling up with fuel (we got diesel for $1.519 we couldn't believe it, so cheap!!) we then made our way to Streaky Bay. Luckily we rang & booked a campsite as we got the last one, we discovered the races are on tomorrow. So now the big decision is if we go to the races or not!! We will decide tonight over some fresh tuna steaks & another bottle of wine, life is tough!!  The plan is 3 nights in Streaky Bay, then onto Cactus beach, then Fowlers Bay. Apparently the squid, whiting & crabs are biting at the moment (that is evident from fisherman at all 4 fish cleaning stations here at the caravan park, cleaning buckets loads of fish!), so Mat is itching to get fishing. 

Port Augusta


  1. So awesome guys! Wanna swap rigs?? ;-)
    PS. That platter with the vino looks perfect!

    1. Ha ha we would love to swap rigs if it meant we could go an as many adventures as you guys have!! You will have to keep the troopy forever!! Thanks heaps for commenting you guys are celebrities & we appreciate your time as we can imagine how busy you are.