Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Balla Balla

We decided to do a big days driving south from Port Smith, through Port Hedland as we had already seen that country. After a quick resupply in South Hedland of groceries, beer & bread we left town & headed further south. We had seen a place called Balla Balla in our free camps books that looked good. You turn off on Balla Balla road at the Whim Creek pub & after about 13km on a really good dirt road you start to see tracks on the right heading towards Balla Balla Creek. We chose one of these & soon found a campsite right on the high banks of the creek. We could see our neighbours (mostly caravaner's) but they were about 200-300 meters away on each side, so pretty good. We set up & it was about 5pm by the time we were done, so it was a late arrival for us. 

Campsite view

We had heard the fishing was good, so decided to stay the next day as well. After breakfast we headed back to Balla Balla road & went further along it down to the boat ramp. You can also camp here & plenty of people were, but it's on a salt/mud flat & very open & exposed, the creek was much better. Unfortunately you couldn't really get to the water, as the tide was out. 
Balla Balla boat ramp
Camping area near the boat ramp

When it was up you could fish from the boat ramp, but there wasn't much room. Again I am told we need a boat! We decided to head back to camp & have a fish there instead. Mat got a few bites, but kept getting snagged on rocks, so after breaking off, we called it quits. We had a really quiet afternoon enjoying the scenery & sunset. The amount of birds was amazing as well, from black swans, pelicans to fire tail finches. 

We decided one day was enough & packed up the next morning to head into Millstream national park, more on that next. Balla Balla was a good free camp. It would make an ideal overnighter as the road in is excellent & it gets you away from the highway. There are no facilities, no drinking water & not a lot of firewood around, there is phone reception though. 

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