Wednesday, 11 March 2015

February Round Up

February Round Up

On the 1st of February we were at Taralagon VIC on the 28th of February we were at my parents farm near Wandoan QLD. 

Total kilometres travelled 3813km for the month. 

Total diesel bought 672.03L total cost $853.62 dearest diesel $1.30 at Miriam Vale QLD, cheapest diesel $1.23 at Rosedale VIC. 

Camping. Camped 16 nights in February, 12 nights staying with family. 14 free camp nights, 2 paid. Total cost $64 average of $32 per night for paid camping, or $4 per camped (16 nights). Only paid camping was at Taralagon at $32 a night for the caravan park. 

Best campsite - Jimmy Iversons Camp near Dargo in the High Country. 

Worst campsite - caravan park at Taralagon. 

Best experiences - the High Country, we fell in love with the whole area but especially enjoyed the Dargo area. Driving Blue Rag track. Driving over the top of Mt Hottham. Driving the loop between Khancoban, Thredbo, Jindabyne, Berridale, Adminaby & Cabramurra. Catching up with the families on the way home & when we got home. Seeing our dogs again. 

Worst experiences - driving home knowing our holiday was over. Having to come home a bit early because of cyclone Marcia & seeing the devastation it caused in our local area. 

Best camp cooked meal - roast beef, Apple & blackberry cake. 

Best bought meal - lunch at Dargo pub, a great experience. 

Things we are missing
Our holiday, we aren't quite back at work yet, but it's coming very soon. Peace & quiet of camping, freedom to do whatever we want. 

Things we are not missing
Work, work, work (we will have to be back soon, NO!), unpacking & packing the trailer (it was nice to not have to do this for a few days). 

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  1. Hey guys, great trip, I have enjoyed following your journey. Shame it has all come to an end, we know exactly how you feel... I hope the cyclone didn't do to much damage for you, good luck with getting back to some sort of normality, it takes a while.

    Cheers and all the best.