Monday, 18 January 2016

Facing Island - Gladstone

So what do you do when you get home from camping around Australia for a year? Go camping again of course. As we left our fur babies Milly & Robbo at home with Mats parents while we were away so we decided we should take them for a week at the beach to apologise! Mats parents & their dog Henry came along for the adventure. 

Beach at camp

Facing Island Camp site 

It was only an hour drive up the road to Gladstone to the harbour to catch the car ferry over to Facing Island. We have been once before & it's a quiet little oasis. The Ferry ride only takes about half an hour & then it's about a 15 minute drive across the island to the camp site. There was only 1 other campsite set up when we arrived, but they must of left their gear there & we didn't see them for the whole time we were there. The camp is under the casuarina trees, right on the beach & very quiet. There are long drop toilets but that is the only facilities. The camp spots are marked & allocated & you book them through the Gladstone council. 


Ferry landing spot, there are a few permanent lucky residents on the island 

We pretty much just relaxed for the days we were there, catching up with Mats parents & taking the dogs for long walks on the beach. The day we decided to go for a drive around the island it started to pour rain, so we headed back to camp. It was a lovely relaxing week. There are plenty of 4WD tracks & fishing spots to keep you occupied & the beach at camp would be fantastic for kids. I can imagine it's a busy spot on school holidays. The cost is $5 per person per night. The ferry costs $120 per car with driver & $30 per extra adult. A car & camper trailer is $220 return. This is through Curtis Ferry Services. They also drop off at Curtis Island but there are no dogs allowed in the camping area there because it's a national park. 




So if you are looking for a quiet spot to camp & a set price holiday (there is nothing to spend your money on at the island) check out Facing Island, one of our favourite camping spots in Central QLD where the dogs can also enjoy the fun. 

Toilet block

The toilet block makes a good house for some

A lovely spot to watch the sunset over the water

The western side of the island is protected by the mainland & other islands so is nice & calm 

Waiting for the ferry

Plenty of tracks to drive

The eastern side of the island is much more exposed to the open ocean

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