Friday, 13 January 2017

What's been happening at Red Dirt Roaming

It's been way too long since our last post. Lots has happened since then. We welcomed our first baby in November 2015. So we have had some new learning about camping with babies & now a toddler. Our first trip eased us into his first trip by celebrating Australia Day 2016 with family staying at the 1770 caravan park. That went well & he has since been to Carmilla beach, Theresa Creek Dam & Lara Station at Barcaldine. It's obviously harder with a baby but we are creating some wonderful memories & he loves it.

The camping trips away have dwindled a little as we purchased our own little farm in October 2016. We camp on our block & do the majority of our cooking over the fire so we have lots of new recipes to bring you soon.

We are also heading back to the Victorian High Country next month, so we will document our trip again here.

So we are sorry we haven't been around for a while but hoping to get regular posts happening again soon.

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