Sunday, 16 February 2014

Homemade canvas camping gear bags

In the preparation for our trip I have made a few bits and pieces to make sure that we protect our camping gear, including the items themselves and the items getting packed around them.

We carry 2 billy's with us.  As you know, as soon you place a billy on the open fire and coals, they get black very quickly. The problem is that black soot, rubs off on everything else in your camping kit!  I have made the below bags, to both protect the billy and also the rest of the camping kit and car/camper trailer, depending on where you pack them.

As you can see they are a very simple basic bag, but they do the job really well.  The canvas was purchased from a fabric store when it was on a big special and only cost $6 a meter, which is very cheap for canvas.  I used extra strong cotton and double stitched all the seams.
I also made a bag for our table.  Our table is a square plastic blow moulded table, which like all of these types of tables, folds up with the table surface on the outside, which does make it prone to get dirty and also marked when it is packed.  To keep the table hygienic and clean, it definitely needed a bag.  As the table is pretty solid and while it is not heavy, its not light either.  The table came with its own handle. I decided to incorporate the tables own handle into the bag design, so I didn't have to sew handles into the bag itself and therefore didn't need to reinforce the bag too much and it also made it easier to sew.  I used the same canvas and thread and double stitched the seams.  I used stick on Velcro tabs across the top of the bag, which I then also sewed to make them strong.


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