Saturday, 8 February 2014

Packing light

As we are planning to travel for at least a year, space is at a premium. Packing light is very important both from a space & weight point of view. So we have been trying lots of different ideas to ensure we only take the things that are really required. 

A lot of my focus is on the cooking side. As you have seen I have posted a few recipes all ready. I love to cook both at home & whilst camping. So I have been thinking about recipes. I have lots of old favourites that I can cook by heart & don't need a recipe. But I also love cooking new things as well. 

We have bought a few camping recipe books over the years & tried out a few recipes or they have given me ideas to put my own spin on something. But it's not really practical to take all of these recipe books with us, both from a space point of view & also making sure they don't get damaged. 

So what to do???

I decided a good idea would be to take a photo of the recipes I was keen to try out with the iPad & store them electronically. Space saving to the max!!! 

See a few examples below from one of my favourite camp cooking recipes books Australian Bush Cooking by Cathy Savage from Boiling Billy Publications. 

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