Monday, 10 November 2014

Campfire Cheese

I have been wanting to bring you this recipe for ages. We have got lucky & have been able to have a campfire again in the south of WA, well until December, so I have been madly trying to get through some of the recipes & ideas I want to show you.

This one is an extreme indulgence!!! I can't take the credit for the idea I did see it on Pinterest here. So here is my version. 

Campfire Cheese

- 1 round of soft cheese can be Brie or Cambert, I used Double Cream Brie YUM

To serve with it
- crusty bread slices
- smoked salmon
- thinly sliced red onion

- prepare some coals in your campfire

- unwrap your cheese from its packaging

- make a small incision with a small sharp knife all the way around the top of the cheese. You only need to insert the knife half a centimetre or so, all the way around in a circle.  

- place it on a sheet of foil that has been sprayed lightly with spray oil

- wrap the cheese in the foil, sealing tightly

- wrap the whole package in another layer of foil
- place this package onto some coals, you don't want it to hot

- turn after about 4 minutes
- turn again after 2 minutes

- leave on the coals for a further 2-3 minutes
- remove & carefully unwrap the first layer of foil
- put the still wrapped cheese on a plate & carefully peel away the next layer of foil, leaving the cheese stay in the bottom of the foil, as it will be soft, goey & delicious

- dip into the cheese with some crusty bread 

- we also topped our bread with some smoked salmon & red onion

This is really really Yummy!! Oh so bad for you but so good. Once we started eating this my mind was racing with ideas of what else you could do with this & how impressive it would be for a group of people to tuck into. So what about doing 2-3 different cheeses, serve them in the middle of a table sorrounded by crusty bread, croutons, salami, red onion, pickled onions, capers, smoked salmon, prosicuuto, olives etc. That would impress anyone!

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