Saturday, 22 November 2014

Yallingup & more of the Margaret River Region

We decided to head closer to Busselton because we had to get Ruby serviced. We decided on the little coastal town Yallingup. We left camp at Canebreak early as it was raining & arrived at about 10am, check in wasn't until 2pm but they kindly let us in. As we set up it started drizzling & was really windy & freezing, I couldn't stop my teeth chattering. We tried to set up quickly so we could have a hot shower. After all the times we have set up on this trip, we completely stuffed this one up & forgot to level the jockey wheel before putting the tent up, so it was all wrong. So we had to take it all down again, I can guarantee we won't forget again, far out. We finally had a lovely hot shower & went down to the local pub for lunch & beer. Nice spot. We had a look at Dunsborough that afternoon & then headed back to camp. Yallingup is a lovely spot right on the beach. It has lovely sheltered bays on one corner, but then a surf beach on the other, that comes right into the sand & lots of kids learn to surf there. A pity about the weather though. 

Yallingup beach

The next morning we were up early to drive the half an hour or so to Busselton to have Ruby at Toyota by 7.50am for her 70 000km service, which would only take about 3 hours. We headed down the street for breakfast & then walked the streets of Busselton for a look. We were finished in less than an hour, so ended up at a coffee shop to pass the time until Ruby was done. All went well with the service, we needed a new air filter & as it was off capped prices servicing it cost us $520 for the service! Crazy, we didn't expect it to be that much. 

Lots of fat cows in the Margaret river area

That afternoon we went for a drive to the tip of Cape Naturaliste. You could do a tour of the lighthouse for $14 an adult, we declined & checked out all the coastal roads for just as good a views, Eagle Bay was just beautiful. Very pretty coastline again. We also stopped in at the Eagle Bay brewery. 

Coastline near Cape Naturaliste

The next day was a Saturday & we did the tourist thing. First off to the Yallingup farmers market, then the Margaret River farmers market, which was devine, we picked up some sheeps milk cheese, lovely bread, some fruit & choc chip cookies, but tasted about a million other delicacies. Next up we went to the Bootleg Brewery. We had been looking forward to this, it was the beer we were drinking on Rottnest Island, so we new it was nice. Again a lovely spot & great atmosphere. We turned up at about 11.30am & luckily we did as the place was packed & most of the tables reserved. We grabbed a table, Mat tried their beers & we had a lovely lunch. They then had live music, which was great, so we set back & enjoyed the atmosphere. The guy singing played a song called "Save Tonight" which was the song we had at our valedictory at school 13 years ago & my cousin BJ is just finishing at the same school this week, made us a bit nostalgic & we wonder where the years have gone! As I was designated Dave, Mat insisted on calling into a few wineries on the way home. It was a lovely day out. 

Bootleg brewery

The next day Mat was feeling sick, not from a hangover, but he had caught my flu, so he stayed at camp for the day & I zipped into Dunsborough to do the grocery shopping. The rest of the day was quiet, catching up on the washing & we cleaned out both the fridge & freezer & filled up on water etc. I went for a long walk on the beach & saw how beautiful Yallingup is & why it's so popular. 

It was time to get back into the bush for us & to check out some new country. More coming soon. 

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