Tuesday, 4 November 2014

October Round Up

October Round Up

On the 1st of October we were at Hamelin Station Stay near Denham on the 31st of October 2014 we were at Perth staying at the Woodman Point Holiday Point near Fremantle. 

Total kilometres travelled 2766km

Total diesel bought 446.96L total cost $751.61 dearest diesel $1.79 at Kalbarri, cheapest diesel $1.55 at Geraldton. 

Camping. Camped 31 days in October.  0 free camp nights, 31 paid. Total cost $819 average of $26.41 per night for paid camping. Cheapest camp $15 a night for 2 people at Francois Peron National Park & Sandy Cape & Dearest camp fees $39.28 at Woodman Point.  

Best campsite - Murchison House Station

Worst campsite - None all okay

Best experiences - Point Peron, day trip to Jurein Bay, Rottnest Island 

Worst experiences - The Wind on the coast. 

Best camp cooked meal - Cottage Pie, Chocolate Mud Cake, fresh whiting at Francois Peron. 

Best bought meal - African Grill at Hillarys Boat Harbour, lobster at Cervantes, tapas at the Sail & Anchor, A sausage roll from the French patisserie at the Freo Markets. 

Things we are missing
Our dogs Milly & Robbo, the family (happy 30th birthday Josh), no wind, clean feet, free & quiet campsites. 

Things we are not missing 
Work, cold mornings

That's it for October. We can't believe how fast time is going & how far south we have got. We thought there would be a lot more to do on the coast above Perth. So now into the SW corner, looking forward to this part should be beautiful. 

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