Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Broome - The Second Time

After Langi Crossing we headed into Broome, this time to catch up with my old friend Anne Marie. We lived & worked together in Katherine for 6 months, 7 years ago & had caught up briefly in Rockhampton a number of years ago but hadn't seen each other for ages. We met up for a quick lunch as she was working & she gave us the keys to her unit & we spent the afternoon getting some washing done & meeting her kitten Puddin. The next day was the Broome rodeo, so we went out on dark to watch some of the action, it was a great night, a very old school style rodeo which was fun, but the rodeo grounds are a fair way out of town, so Anne Marie drove & Mat started to feel a bit crook, so it ended up being a pretty tame night & we were home by about 10.30pm. 

The next day was the races, it was the Broome Cup. Mat was still feeling sick, so just us girls hit the track. Mat kindly dropped us off so we could have some beers & the poor bugger got a flat tyre (in Anne Marie's car) on the way home, so had to change a tyre while feeling sick, not fun. Meanwhile we were having a great time catching up & I got to meet some of Anne Marie's friends including Felicity Brown, an amazing lady, who has an amazing story, she is about to showcase her hats at New York fashion week next month, check out her blog for the full story. We eventually got kicked out of the race track (not just us, everyone ha ha) & got the bus into the tavern & finally they also shut the tavern for the night, we thought we would walk home, but soon got too lazy & called Mat to come & get us, he was very good about the whole thing & put up with the drunken car ride home!

The action at the Broome Races, a great dirt track

The next day us girls were a bit seedy & Mat was still sick, so not good. Anne Marie had to pick up a backpacker off the plane & drive him out to the cattle station that she runs with her partner. She works a few days in town during the week & is at the station over the weekends normally, so she took her new staff member out to the station & we were left to our own devises. 

We had a pretty quiet week in Broome. Mat was still feeling unwell & he finally went to the doctor, the doctor couldn't really explain what was wrong, but gave him some medicine just in case he had picked up something from the water. By this stage Mat was as feeling a bit better but took the tablets anyway, not that they did much. So we are not sure what he had, but he seems to be over it now. 

While in Broome we did manage to do a few things. I finally managed to pick out a pearl necklace for my 30th birthday in October, we visited the Broome bird park just out of town that was fantastic, we explored Roebuck bay, we took a drive on cable beach itself & watched a heap of backpackers get bogged in the sand. On a side note, cable beach is actually a nudist beach, it was pretty funny to be honest, it seems most people that embrace the nudity are old men!! And they were all pretty tanned, so obviously do it a lot! Ha ha good luck to them. 

Bird park

Driving on Cable Beach

Roebuck Bay

Other than that it was pretty quiet, Mat was pretty buggered, so he tried to rest as much as possible. As we were staying at Anne Marie's unit, it did make it a lot easier & it was nice to have a week to watch a bit of TV (sport for Mat), & have access to a bathroom, kitchen & laundry. We ended up having 9 nights in Broome & thanks to Anne Marie for letting us stay at her place we had a pretty cheap week or so. 

We were hoping to make it out to the cattle station, but the chaotic life of living on a property got in the way, & we didn't want to get in their way, so it looks like we won't get the chance. Next up, it was up to Cape Leveque just north of Broome, our last really Kimberley stop before heading south. 

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