Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Hot dogs - camping style

Hotdogs are a great camping lunch as the frankfurts themselves are vac-packed in their bag & have a long shelf life. One problem you do have a lot when camping though is not having fresh bread or bread rolls. Wraps to the rescue again. We have been making hotdog wraps during our whole trip & we really like them. We tried them out on the family when we caught up with them in the territory & it seems they were also fans, or were to polite to say otherwise. 

So may be think about making some hotdog wraps next time you go camping. They only have 4 ingredients as well, making them a simple, easy, budget friendly option for a camping lunch. 

Hot Dog Wraps

- a packet of hotdog frankfurts
- grated cheese
- tomato sauce
- wraps

- prepare the hotdogs as per normal. Put them in a saucepan or pot & cover with water & bring them slowly to the boil, keep an eye on them so they don't burst. 

- preheat a frying pan on medium low heat
- place a warm hotdog in the middle of a wrap, add some grated cheese & tomato sauce

- roll the wrap to enclose the hotdog
- place the wrapped hotdog in the frypan & brown the wrap on all sides until crunchy & the cheese is melted 

- enjoy your hotdog in a wrap!

The wraps in the photos were jumbo wraps so we put 2 hotdogs on them, normally we use the regular sized wraps with 1 hotdog, but either works well. These wraps are actually quite filling. As always you can add whatever you like.  Maybe fried bacon bits & onions, mustard?? However you like to eat your normal hotdogs can all be done in the wrap as well. You don't have to toast off the wrap if you don't want to, but we like them like that & they go nice & crunchy. A very simple recipe, but a lot of the time that is the best for camping. You can even do these on your travel days. If you have a food thermos, you can place the hotdogs inside & fill the thermos with hot water in the morning before you leave camp. By lunch time the hotdogs are hot & you can then wrap them up for lunch. Especially good in winter. 

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