Friday, 22 August 2014

Camper Trailer Maintenance

The trailer has coped a bit of a beating with all of the dirt roads we have been travelling on, especially the Gibb River Road & up to Kulumburu. Whilst in Broome we got the wheel bearings replaced as the trailer has done over 20 000km since they were last done & we want to keep them in good condition. The trailer also received some significant stone/rock damage on those dirt roads & we were concerned about the chances of rust getting in. 

So Mat set about to try to rectify the problem. He washed the trailer, then used a wire brush over the affected areas, then followed with some wet/dry sandpaper, wiped the area clean & then spray painted with Rustguard Hammertone from White Knight, which matches our trailer nicely. 

We know this is not a permanent fix, but it should stop any chance of rust getting into the trailer. We think it came up nicely. 

What we needed

Stone damage on the draw bar

Stone damage on the tent pole box

Also a little bit of stone damage on the trailer itself 

After the first coat (still wet paint)

First coat

First coat

Mat then did another coat 2 days later. 

Second coat

Second coat

He had a small amount of paint left over, so did a final third coat an hour later. 

Completely dry

All done, much better

Also while he did the trailer, Mat also did the stone guard but in black paint. 



Job done, we will see how long it lasts for this time, we still have plenty of dirt road adventures to bring you, so I am sure we will need to do some further maintenance at some stage. 

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