Monday, 18 August 2014

Langi Crossing

What a wonderful find. If you want some time out away from too many other tourists, then you have to check out Langi Crossing on the Fitzroy River about 140km east of Broome. It is located on Yeeda Staion, but is open to the public & has kilometres of bush camping right on the river. The track in is about 10km from the highway & pretty rough. Very corrugated & it must of had some rain at some stage as there are some pretty decent wheel ruts & wash aways, but it's only 10km. 

Look for the red arrow. 

We thought there wouldn't be to many caravaner's out there, but there was a few. The first area you get to has a lot of flat ground right on the river (Langi Crossing itself) & most of the big rigs pull in there.

Langi Crossing

Telegraph Pool

 But if you go down the road a bit further towards Telegraph pool, there is heaps of secluded camp spots. We managed to get a spot all to ourselves & we couldn't see any neighbours, which was heaven. It was one of the best campsites we have had during our trip & most days we hardly saw another soul.

Our campsite was right on the river, but it had a decent bank, to keep us safe from the crocs. The crocs used the other side river bank to sun themselves everyday & the most we saw was 13 in about a  400m stretch opposite our campsite. So plenty around, that ranged from the big fellas to the little ones. 

View from camp above & below

We spent our time fishing, still no Barra though despite being able to get some decent live mullet for bait & exploring this area. There were lots of birds around as well. The only downside to the campsite was the wind. It blew all day long & was quite gusty, but eased off at night. We got really lucky as it was the full moon & super moon while we were there & the moon rose over the water each night, right across from our campsite, just beautiful. 

There are actually 3 crocs in this photo, it shows the different sizes. 

Other than that this is a great spot, the lack of people around definitely contributed to that. So if you are looking for a camp spot not far from Broome, then check out Langi Crossing on the Fitzroy River. We stayed for 4 nights, there are no facilities so make sure you take a bush toilet & shower set up & use them responsibly. Please take your rubbish out with you as well.  Best of all it is free, so let's look after these places so they continue to allow the public access. We stayed from the 10-14th of August. 

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