Friday, 30 January 2015

Perfect Roast Pork

Roast pork is one of my all time favourites. But it has to have the crackling!! We have done it a few times in the camp oven before with mixed results of how the crackling turned out. Normally you can get the skin to crackle right on top near the lid of the oven but the sides don't always work. So I thought I would bring out the big guns & show you how to ensure you get a fantastic crackle. Isn't this a thing of beauty??

Perfect Roast Pork

- a 2kg piece of pork with the skin on
- salt
- canola oil
- boiling water
- veggies of your choice to serve with it, we had potato, pumpkin, carrot, onion & garlic
- gravy or apple sauce to finish it off 

- start your fire early. You need lots of coals & heat. 
- dig a hole for your camp oven to sit in while cooking, this really helps to regulate the heat especially if it is windy. 
- start a smaller fire in the camp oven hole to preheat it. 

- place a billy of water over your main fire & bring to the boil, you need about a litre. 
- once you have got enough coals to cook, preheat your camp oven over the fire for 5-10mins, you want it really hot. 

- meanwhile make sure you have taken your piece of meat out of the fridge at least 30-45 mins to bring it closer to room temperature & so you don't lose valuable heat from the camp oven when you put it in.  

- remove the plastic bag from the meat & pat dry with paper towel. 
- you will need to score the skin with a sharp knife if your butcher hasn't already done so. 
- place the meat on a trivet over a sink or bucket. 

- pour the boiling water straight over the top of the piece of meat, all over the skin. 

- carefully put the meat back on your cutting board & pat dry again. 

- rub the meat all over with a little oil.
- then sprinkle over a generous amount of salt & rub in. 
- once your camp oven is preheated, place the meat on a trivet & close the lid. 

- put 2 shovels of coals in the bottom of your camp oven hole. 
- place the camp oven on the coals & put 2 shovels of coals on top as well. 
- the first 20 minutes is crucial to get that crackling going. You want it really hot. 
- check after 20 minutes. Your crackling should be well on the way to being crunchy, if not add more coals to the lid. If it has crackled then leave to cook for about an hour. 
- check after an hour & add the veggies if it's all going well. Add more coals on the bottom or top if necessary. If it all looks okay leave the heat as it is, as you will only cook the meat for another 20mins. 

- check the meat with a skewer & if cooked remove from oven to rest, covered loosely with some foil, not to tight or you will ruin your hard earned crackling. I bet you can't resist trying a bit of that crackling!

- add more coals to the top of the camp oven to finish off the veggies & cook for a further 20 mins or so. 
- slice up that beautiful pork, EVENLY share out the crackling & serve with your veggies. 

- some gravy or Apple sauce seals the deal. 

I think the photos speak for how spectacular this turned out. YUM. 

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