Friday, 5 December 2014

Boerewors & Salad

This one is more of an idea for camp cooking than a recipe. If you have any South African friends you will have heard of Boerewors the rolled sausage. Mat came back from the butcher with one of these when told to find something interesting & different for dinner. It cooked extremely well over medium coals over the campfire on a cast iron BBQ plate. I placed 2 skewers through the sausage to make it hold it's shape & to make it easy to flip. This was excellent over the campfire as it made turning easy. So next time you are thinking of having sausages over the campfire or at your next BBQ consider Boerewors, at least you won't have any sausages rolling off the BBQ plate & you can feed plenty of hungry mouths with ease. Make sure you purchase it from a good butcher. 

Dinner is served

Cook over a medium heat

Skewers keep the shape & make it easy to flip

All ready, nice & browned & crispy

Chop between the skewers to serve, was yummy with a simple salad

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