Thursday, 4 December 2014

November Round Up

November Round Up

On the 1st of November we were at Point Herron South of Perth on the 30th of November 2014 we were at Albany.  

Total kilometres travelled 3674km

Total diesel bought 572.37L total cost $863.57 dearest diesel $1.50 at Manjimup, cheapest diesel $1.47 at Fremantle.  

Camping. Camped 30 nights in November.  0 free camp nights, 30 paid. Total cost $644 average of $21.46 per night for paid camping. Cheapest camp $10 a night for 2 people at Parry beach & Dearest camp fees $38 at Yallingup. 

Best campsite - Canebreal pool, Parry beach & Banksia camp

Worst campsite - Point Herron, due to small sites & to many people

Best experiences - Area around Denmark including Elephant pool, green pool & mad fish bay. Exploring the Margaret river, exploring Albany coastline. 

Worst experiences - Rainy weather, March flies, 

Best camp cooked meal - Lamb shanks, Apple crumbles, roast, corned beef. 

Best bought meal - lots & lots, we indulged way to much this month!

Things we are missing
Our dogs Milly & Robbo, the family, sunshine, washing machine, decent internet reception

Things we are not missing 
Wind has been pretty good this month, work, sunburn. 

November is over, can you believe it, Christmas is coming. Still don't know where or what we will be doing. I can't say I am missing the stress of Christmas shopping this year! We think we will finish up in WA in December, very sad, but we have had a wonderful time. Hoping to be able to do a glazed ham or something in the camp oven for Christmas, if we can have a fire. Sorry to the family, no over catering from me this year at family gatherings this year. 

Check out these cuties!!!!

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