Thursday, 11 December 2014

Farewell to Western Australia

We were up early at 4 Mile beach camp in Fitzgerald NP & left by 6.15am our earliest yet I think. We had made the decision to get moving back across the Nullarbor & to try to get down towards Port Lincoln in SA before Christmas. We decided to take a short cut to Norseman via Lake King. The road was excellent until we hit the shire of Esperance sign & it was terrible. It looked like a huge storm had gone through recently & the road was trashed, worse than the road to Kulumburu. It will take the title of worst road in WA for us. 
Short cut road before it got bad

This pothole was tiny compared to some

We finally got back to the bitumen about 50km South of Norseman & grabbed some cheap fuel $1.49c/L & kept trucking. The roads were quiet & the cricket was on the radio so we had a pretty big day. 680km total but over 200km of that was dirt road & we camped on a roadside rest stop not far from Caiguna, only about 80km from the our first camp we did in WA on the way over. A basic set up, a couple of beers, a relax & dinner and it was early to bed to get a early start the next day. Just under 400km to the SA border. 

Roadside stop

We were up early today & hit the road just before 6.30am, the road was quiet but headwind was pretty strong & after getting some fuel at Eucla, crossed the border at 11.15am & gained 2.5 hours to take us to 1.45pm. 

Goodbye WA

Hello again SA

So with that it is time to say a farewell to Western Australia. 

What can we say? We have loved our travels through WA. We entered the state on the 5th of April 2014 & left on the 12th of December 2014, taking out our few weeks in the Northern Territory, that is just under 8 months of travel throughout WA. 

To start being able to do this trip has been a privilege, that took a lot of hard work & savings to achieve.   Not working for this time has been amazing, our stress levels are as low as they have ever been or probably will ever be. WA you have provided us with an adventure, excitement, fun & happiness. We have been able to enjoy being alive, to love & laugh, to have freedom, to have the time to think, to explore, relax, rest & dream. Travelling through WA has been good for the soul & given us a new zest for life, the future feels bright. 

You have provided vast changes in scenery, from the magnificent oceans & coastlines, beautiful gorges, intriguing desert, mountain ranges, forests & escarpments. The sheer size of the state is some thing you have to see to believe. We have seen things here that you won't see in other parts of our great country. From the most remote places to the just truly spectacular it has all been amazing. 

So to WA, we loved you & thanks for having us. We will definitely be back. Most importantly you gave us the freedom to ROAM. 

To our readers, thanks for tagging along on our WA journey we hope you have enjoyed it. There is still plenty more to come from us as we travel some more of SA, hopefully the VIC high country & who knows what else. Lots more recipes & product reviews to come as well. 

Jess & Mat @ Red Dirt Roaming


  1. Thanks guys for such a fantastic blog. I happened across your blog one day and have read every moment of it and thought it was about time that I thanked you. Hubby and I were lucky enough to take 4 months off and travel WA and absolutely loved it. Reading about your travels has brought back such fantastic memories that we made on our trip. And your parting picture from WA really hit home and prompted me to write to you guys. You are now venturing into our state and hope you enjoy it as much as we do. There are some fantastic places to see and stay and if you need any advice, hopefully I can assist there. I look forward to reading about SA from your eyes. Keep up the fantastic recipes as well as I also enjoy them and the great photos.


    Jo and David

    1. Hi Jo & David

      Thank you so much for your lovely comments we are really happy that you enjoy reading the blog. What was initially started to keep our family informed of where we were & that we are still alive had now turned into something we will have forever as evidence of our adventure & to freshen our memories of this amazing time in our lives. Can you email us at we would love to get some advice on some great places to see in SA. Thank you for taking the time to comment it is much appreciated.