Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Corned Beef & Veggies

Corned beef is a great option for camping that can be done over the fire or gas burner. You get a yummy warm meal but also cold meat for a few days. We did this one while at Shannon's camp & it was really cold, so it was perfect to warm our bellies. There are lots of recipes for corn beef with peppercorns, vinegar, onions & bay leaves added to the water while boiling. These are all great options. I don't bother. I grew up eating home made corned beef that was so delicious it didn't need any additives. It has taken us a while to get used to shop bought corned beef on the road & from habit I just leave the water plain, but it's up to you. I love to have white sauce with my corned beef but Mat doesn't like it & prefers the sacrilegious tomato sauce, if I was making this for more than just the 2 of us I would definitely do a white sauce. 

Corned Beef

- a piece of corn beef to suit, make sure you get a big enough piece for leftovers
- water
- veggies to serve with it, we had mashed potato, pumpkin, green beans & grilled corn cobs

- remove your corned beef from the fridge about an hour before you want to cook it

- if you are cooking over the fire start it now as well so it has a chance to burn down

- remove from plastic packaging & rinse in cold water
- place in a pot & cover with water

- place over the heat & allow to come to the boil & the reduce heat so that its a steady simmer

- allow to cook for as long as the cooking instructions say, usually 25-30mins per 500g weight, keep an eye on the water level & top up if necessary. 

- remove from the water & allow to rest for 10mins before carving

- serve with your choice of veggies & sauce

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